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Stefanie Mager

Stefanie Mager is an integrative brand and marketing communications expert with an appetite for application-oriented methods at the interface of business and science. 

Upon many years of professional career in the international industry with a focus on both: planning and organizational implementation, she has been serving a wide range of B2B and service companies with her brand consulting company www.stefaniemager.com since 2012. In order to continuously keep up to date with industry-relevant approaches and develop talent, she also has been a marketing lecturer at Brand University in Hamburg, Hochschule Ruhr West in Mühlheim and Zhejiang Wanli University in Ningbo, China from 2015.

Her connection between theory and practice dates back to her grassroots: Stefanie studied business administration, communication and foreign languages in Cologne, Hamburg and Paris after growing up in an entrepreneurial, mechanical engineering household.

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Stefanie Mager

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