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The Team

Prof. Dr. Sven Christiansen

Prof. Dr. Christiansen's roots can be found in the field of statistics, forecasting models and business financials. He began his academic career with the staff of Prof. Stefan Mittnik, Ph.D. at the University of Kiel in Germany.

In addition to this valuable scientific footprint, he has many years of professional experience as Managing Director at the Institute of Quantitative Financial Analysis (Kiel, Germany). Leading a wide range of projects in the field of applied statistics such as data management, market research, model- and software-based decision making, risk management, optimisation, liquidity and debt management, empirical market analysis and forecasting, he continues his academic work through teaching at Brand University, Hamburg and the Universities at Kiel & Munich.

Furthermore, he is a member of the Society for Financial and Insurance Econometrics, Munich.

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Prof. Dr. Sven Christiansen

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