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Step through the gateways of digital transformation and unveil the potential of all that can be. We study the underlying dynamics of our capabilities within a digital framework in order to bridge the gap between adoption and embodiment of digital know-how.
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The real revolution for our sector is rather that digitalisation is changing our work in such a way that we can do it largely independently of time and space.

The Team

Claudius J.W. Finkbeiner

Claudius Finkbeiner is a founding member of the Institute. He has contributed his legal expertise to the Institute from the beginning.

Mr Finkbeiner was admitted to the bar in 2009 and is also a specialist lawyer for insolvency law.  He focuses on advising small and medium-sized enterprises in crisis. Mr Finkbeiner has consistently focused on the topic of digitalisation in his law firm, which he founded in 2018. This concerns the topic of online marketing as well as the topics of digital (and thus paperless) file management and advisory services via digital channels.

In addition to his legal work, Mr Finkbeiner has been a lecturer in civil and commercial law at the Brand University in Hamburg since 2012. He also regularly holds training sessions for specialist audiences on the topics of directors' liability and crisis management.

Mr Finkbeiner lives with his family in Hamburg.

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Claudius J.W. Finkbeiner

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